Infant Massage Training


Infant Massage Training

At Hatch Therapies we understand and value the amazing benefits of regular therapeutic massage.  We encourage mothers, fathers and caregivers to massage their babies to promote health and to aid the forming of unique bonds.  We offer individual training instruction courses in Infant Massage where you can learn how to massage your infant.

Possible benefits of infant massage for you and your baby:

Benefits for baby:

  • May improve sleep
  • Proven relief from the distress of wind, colic and constipation
  • May strengthen the immune system functions and increase resistance to illness
  • May increase alertness and sociability

Benefits to you:

  • Massage time is a special time for you and your baby to connect and share quality time
  • May increase your skills and confidence to assist baby
  • May enhance communication between you and your baby
  • May help to reduce feelings of helplessness, anxiety and depression
  • Baby massage can be time for relaxation for you and your baby

What to expect at a hatch Therapies Infant Massage Course:

  • Infant Massage Course is usually conducted over 3-4 consecutive weeks
  • Each week the duration of the class is one hour.  This allows time for massage but also for you to stop and attend to your babies needs
  • You will learn about massaging in a manner that promotes respectful positive touch.  This includes observing your baby to know when to massage
  • You will learn a sequence including legs, arms, back, stomach, chest and face.
  • During the class your instructor will demonstrate the massage strokes on a life size doll and you will massage your baby