Acupuncture labour induction treatment is the use of specific acupuncture points traditionally used with a goal to

  • encourage the body to prepare for labour
  • encourage labour to  commence
  • encourage general health and well-being
  • reduce of aches and pain

The goal of Acupuncture labour induction treatment is usually to encourage the commencement of labour around your due date.  In some circumstances however due to medical reasons it may be earlier.

At Hatch Therapies it is recommended you commence weekly Acupuncture consultations from 36 weeks.  In your treatments in the weeks preceding your due date acupuncture points are used with a goal to

  • Encourage cervical ripening
  • Prepare for labour
  • Promote energy
  • Promote relaxation
  • Reduce aches and pain

Around the time of your due date when you are feeling ready Acupuncture labour induction points are used with a goal of promoting labour to commence.

As labour approaches changes are taking place in your body and mind.  There can be many pressures, worries, anxieties and fears affecting the mind as labour and motherhood approach.  At Hatch Therapies we hope provide you with a peaceful place to relax and quiet busy thoughts.  A strong focus of Acupuncture labour induction treatment is to promote relaxation.  Massage is incorporated with the Acupuncture and specific acupuncture points can be included that may calm the mind.

For some women the idea of using Acupuncture labour induction treatment only arises after the due date.  This not too late to perform Acupuncture labour induction treatment.  It can be a great time to have acupuncture and massage treatment to induce labour and address the body and mind which may be feeling the strain and pressures related to waiting for labour.