Congratulations you are now pregnant and entering a new chapter of your life.  At Hatch Therapies we are experienced at providing treatment during each stage of pregnancy.  Treatment is tailored to address your specific needs and health concerns as your body and mind change and grow as your baby matures.

The begining of your pregnancy, First Trimester:

From the moment of conception your body starts to undergo miraculous changes to support your growing baby.  At the same time your baby is in the early stages of development rapidly forming all the major body systems.  This is an amazing time of growth and change within your body and mind.  With these changes can come some discomfort and symptoms such as tiredness and morning sickness.  For many women it can be an anxious wait getting through the first 12 weeks.  At Hatch Therapies we aim to support your body and mind through the initial changes of pregnancy promoting health and relaxation with the use of various treatments.

The Second Trimester:

You are now in the middle of your pregnancy.  For many women morning sickness has reduced and energy increased.  Your baby continues to grow rapidly and your body is noticeably changing.  This can be an important time to start taking extra care of your back and body with regular maintenance Acupuncture and Massage.

The end of your pregnancy, preparing for labour:

With the end of your pregnancy approaching you might start to feel heavier as your baby matures.  From 36 weeks weekly Acupuncture treatment is recommended at Hatch Therapies.  Treatment is aimed at preparing the body and mind for birth, increasing general health and reducing uncomfortable symptoms such as pain.  At this stage every women will have different needs and desires for the last weeks of pregnancy.  We will discuss these issues with you and tailor treatment to suit you.