Male Fertility

Male Fertility

When a couple decides they would like to become parents the health of both the male and female are  considered equally important. Genetic material will come from each partner at the time of conception so the health levels of both the male and female may influence fertility and genetic outcomes of offspring.

At hatch Therapies we encourage both males and females to spend 3-6 months preparing their bodies prior to trying to conceive a child.  The goal is to promote overall health, well-being and fertility.

Acupuncture for Male Fertility:

Acupuncture is commonly used to enhance male fertility issues. Growing amounts of data support its use for improving sperm irregularities, with many clinical trials now having been conducted.

What Males can expect at their Acupuncture for Male Fertility consultation:

Your consultation will commence with discussion about your general health and any symptoms you might be experiencing.  Any issues relating to fertility will also be discussed.  Your Acupuncturist will then feel your pulse and observe your tongue (tongue and pulse diagnosis are two diagnostic tools used in Traditional Chinese Medicine).  All of this information is then used to design an Acupuncture treatment tailored to you as an individual.  Acupuncture points will be chosen with a goal of:

  • Improving general health and well-being
  • Promoting blood flow to the testes to promote sperm health
  • Addressing specific issues related to sperm health
  • Addressing symptoms specific to the individual
  • Promoting relaxation

Chinese Herbs To Promote Male Fertility:

Chinese herbs have been used for hundreds of years to address various issues relating to male fertility.  Herbs may be combined with Acupuncture consultation to further enhance treatment.