Herbs for fertility

Herbs for fertility:

Herbs for fertility are commonly used while preparing for conception and trying to conceive.  There are hundreds of different herbs and herbal formulas.  Your Therapist will prescribe an appropriate formula with a goal of addressing the symptoms and imbalances you are experiencing.  Herbs for fertility may include formulas to:

  • Promote general health, well-being and energy
  • Promote relaxation and calm the mind
  • Promote a healthy regular menstrual cycle
  • Reduce symptoms of period pain and discomfort
  • Promote ovulation
  • Promote male fertility and sperm health

Traditional Chinese Herbs combined with Acupuncture Consultation:

At Hatch Therapies your Acupuncturist may sometimes combine Traditional Chinese Herbal formulas with your Acupuncture treatment.  This is an optional extra that may be appropriate to you. Herbs are often combined with Acupuncture to support and enhance treatment results.