Fertility Acupuncture to prepare for ovulation.

This article continues on from “Fertility Acupuncture at period time” to discuss fertility acupuncture for the phase of the menstrual cycle from period to ovulation.  It is about the use of acupuncture in attempt to support the body and mind as it is preparing for an egg to be released at ovulation.

For anyone trying to conceive ovulation is a vital time in the cycle. Ovulation occurs when an egg (correctly called an oocyte) is released by the ovary for the opportunity to meet with available sperm for the chance of fertilization.  Ovulation is the spectacular end result of the changes taking place in the body from period time. From period to ovulation is called the preovulatory or follicular phase of the cycle.

When trying to conceive the preovulatory phase of the cycle is considered an important time to have acupuncture treatment. Treatment during this time could be seen as preparation or laying the foundations for the rest of the cycle.  At this time there is so much happening in the body.  This is also an important time to support and encourage general health and well-being. Your Acupuncturist will identify patterns of disharmony or imbalances in the body then use Acupuncture to promote healing.

What sorts of Acupuncture points are used to prepare for Ovulation?

  1. Acupuncture points near the uterus and ovaries:

It is common practice in Acupuncture treatment to use points located near the specific area of the body you want to influence  At ovulation time the uterus and ovaries are the main site where all the action is happening. Therefore specific acupuncture points in the lower abdomen area will be used.

2. Acupuncture points commonly used to promote fertility:

There are many acupuncture points that have been used to promote women’s gynecological health for hundreds of years.  These points will commonly be used to with a goal to promote ovulation.

3. Acupuncture points to encourage general health:

Your Acupuncturist will aim to provide wholistic treatment that focuses not just on fertility but your overall health.  Points will be used with a goal to address general health concerns like tiredness  or irritating symptoms that might be making you uncomfortable.

4. Acupuncture Points to calm the mind:

For many people trying to conceive the preovulatory phase can be a bit stressful.  Getting the timing right, juggling life commitments and worrying about if conception attempts will work out.  There are many Acupuncture points that are indicated in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote peace and calm, these will commonly be used.

This article is intended as a guide to assist you to understand general Acupuncture point selection for treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies.  If you have any questions specifically about your treatment always discuss them with your Acupuncturist.