Hatch Therapies our treatment approach:

At Hatch Therapies we are committed to supporting you.  We are here to provide treatment, help motivate and guide you towards making healthy decisions that promote health and well-being.  We are here for you when you are injured, unwell and sick.  Then when you are feeling great we want to help you stay that way.  Our Treatment approach has three main goals

  • Health promotion
  • Treatment of specific problems
  • Health Maintenance

Health Promotion:

At Hatch Therapies we embrace the concept “prevention is better than a cure”.  We believe in trying to prevent illness and disease through the promotion of good health.  Health promotion is a dynamic and powerful way of living that encompasses following a healthy lifestyle with a goal of promoting good health. Preventative treatment is about taking steps to promote general health and reduce stress, making your health a priority.  Each treatment modality offers different ways of promoting health so why not book a consultation today.

Treatment of specific problems:

At Hatch Therapies we understand life is ever changing and as a result so are your health needs.  We offer a broad range of treatments suitable to address many health concerns and symptoms or just to pamper and indulge.  Some areas of our treatment expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • General Health
  • Gynaecological Health Care
  • Fertility and IVF Support
  • Musculoskeletal Treatment
  • Pregnancy Health Care
  • Relaxation and Mental Health

Health Maintenance:

You have had your treatment and now you are feeling much better, great!  The next step is maintaining your health and the positive changes you have experienced.  After the initial treatment phase your practitioner will recommend a maintenance treatment plan specific for you.  Usually this means a reduction in the frequency of your visits with maintenance treatment scheduled at intervals.  This brings us back to health promotion, scheduled treatment at intervals to promote health.